Tips For Hiring a Window Cleaning Service

A window cleaning service will charge you an average of $150 per home for the cleaning. These services will not require big ladders, a large crew or expensive washing equipment. Many window washing companies will charge you by the square foot, while others will offer a flat rate. You should know your budget before you hire a window cleaning company, though. Here are some tips for getting the most bang for your buck: Price is key – try to find a reasonable price, and then stick to it.

When hiring a window cleaning service, make sure you ask for references. A good company will have a list of references and a good reputation. If you’re not satisfied with their work, move on to another company. A professional window cleaner will give you a free estimate before they start cleaning. They also have the experience to clean windows at any size or style. Some companies offer free estimates and you can contact a few of them before you decide.

Always make sure to check if the window cleaning service has liability insurance or worker’s compensation. Some window cleaning services are based in the city or state, and might not have adequate coverage. It’s important to ask for references so you can be sure that you’re not overcharging. The best way to find out how much a window cleaning service charges is to ask them for a quote. Once you’ve established the price range for your windows, you should ask if the company will be able to provide references.

The cost of window cleaning depends on the type of windows and their height. Fourth-story windows will cost a bit more than second-story windows. You can hire a company to clean these windows, but make sure they’re insured. Many insurance policies exclude the damage done by illegal contractors, so you should ask for a copy of their insurance certificate. If they don’t have a certificate, you can run. This will help you to avoid potential legal problems with your new business.

Make sure to check the insurance coverage of the window cleaning service. If the company doesn’t carry insurance, you can always get a discount. If you’re not sure whether the company is insured, you should also ask for a copy. After all, they may have to come back several times to fix any damage, so make sure to be prepared for this. If your home doesn’t have windows, the company should be insured.

You can also try to do some window cleaning yourself, but it’s best to be sure that you have the right tools. Beginner kits are usually around $75. They contain a variety of squeegees and brushes. You can also invest in robotic cleaners. These machines use suction to clean windows. These robots can cost up to $450. When you’re looking for a window cleaning service, ask them for references, and look at the prices and their reviews.

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